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Founded by British inventor Davies Roberts, Flare Audio have spent the last five years re-inventing the loudspeaker, drawing praise from music industry luminaries including Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, Bella Sarris and producer ‘Flood’ in the process.

Our big innovation and mission is to minimize all types of distortion from our audio designs.

From our experience in the live music industry we have learned and understood what was going wrong with the traditional approach used to create loudspeakers and headphones, and have developed patent pending technology to create pure audio in any sound-producing device.

On the FLARES®

“Music is constantly evolving. For over 50 years, the way we record, store and access that music has changed as much as the artists and songs themselves. But today’s approach to speaker technology is as old as Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’.

“This is not the same. This is a new way of thinking, a way of thinking that is focused on delivering the purest sound with the smallest of interventions. In order to move forward we have gone back to the very beginning to understand how sound interacts on a molecular level. Welcome to FLARES®.”