Kii Audio

High End Active Speakers from Germany

Area: Audio London
Room: D1 - St Julien
Exhibitor: - Ultimate Stream at The Indulgence Show
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: Germany
On Demonstration:
Kii Three loudspeakers
Kii Control
Quadraspire X-Ref loudspeaker stands
Contact Details:
01252 759285
Kii Audio: Kii Audio
Ultimate Stream: Ultimate Stream

Kii Audio THREE loudspeakers

Demonstrations will take place at 10.30am, 11.15am, 2.30pm & 3.15pm and will be featured during the Introduction to Streaming presentation at 1.30pm.

The reviewers love them, everyone that hears them loves them – they simply look and sound beautiful!

So what is it about the Kii Three speakers that makes them different? Well, they are active loudspeakers which means they have built in amplifiers – in fact six 250 watt amplifiers to be precise, one for each loudspeaker driver. Four 6.5”woofers, a 5”midrange and a 1” tweeter all sit with the amplifiers and DACs in a compact enclosure which can be placed on a stand or bookshelf.

The fact that the amplifiers are built in means you can connect your source directly to them. For example, you could take your Roon compatible source and play the music stored on your hard drive straight through the speakers without the need for external amplification.

What is unique about the Kii Three’s is that you don’t need to worry about the placement of the speakers. They have Active Wave Focusing which means they filter the sound waves in a forward direction even if the speakers are placed close to a wall. This offers a tremendous advantage with low frequencies making them sound much larger than they look!

The speaker design is both elegant and modern and is available in standard colours of graphite and white or any range of custom RAL gloss or matt colours so you can design them to easily fit into your own classical or modern environment.

Kii Three Standard Colours: £10,495 pair (Graphite Satin Metallic | High Gloss White)

Kii Three Custom Colours: £11,395 pair


Kii Control

Ultra compact controller/preamp/USB interface for the Kii THREE loudspeaker

The Kii Control is the perfect addition to your Kii THREE loudspeakers enabling you to connect additional digital inputs up to high resolution DSD. The inputs are located on the backside connector and can be activated by touch buttons around the volume control.

A dedicated touch button provides direct music access to up to six user definable presets.

The Kii Control connects to the speakers by a single CAT6 cable with no additional power supply necessary.

Kii Control £1,495