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Area: Audio London
Room: D1 - St Julien
Exhibitor: - Ultimate Stream at The Indulgence Show
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: Switzerland
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Merging NADAC Player
Contact Details:
01252 759285
Merging Technologies:
Ultimate Stream: Ultimate Stream

Merging Technologies NADAC Player

The stunning NADAC Player challenges the convention of having a computer from which to play your music. The NADAC player is an audiophile music server which combines the best music player available together with the best sounding DAC. You can connect it directly to your amplifier, active speakers or headphones to listen to the purest sound ever.

Roon Core is built into the NADAC player, so you can access all your music in up to DSD quality from your smartphone or tablet as well as discovering all you need to know about the music, the musician, the composer, concert dates, reviews and more. You can control your listening level and map your music to different rooms, check the dynamic range of your track, read liner notes, build and organise your own playlist or even equalise your room directly from the Roon application. As well as offering a genuinely audiophile turnkey solution, you will be able to enjoy regular updates, new features and services offered by new software applications.

The NADAC player comes in two flavours, stereo and multichannel so you can listen to your stereo or surround music files. The multichannel version can now also be directly connected to four stereo zones. Roon Core now supports multichannel playback.

Each NADAC player supplied by Ultimate Stream includes a three year return to manufacturer VIP warranty and a Roon Lifetime membership subscription.

NADAC Player 2ch £13,250

NADAC Player 8ch £14,270

NADAC DAC 2ch £10,200

NADAC DAC 8ch £11,220

Demonstrations will take place at 12.45pm and 4.45pm (exc. Sunday) and will be featured during the Introduction to Streaming presentation at 1.30pm in D1 – St Julien room.