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Area: Audio London
Room: D1 - St Julien
Floor: 2nd Floor
Country: UK
On Demonstration:
Exclusive Products
Aequo Audio | Amphion | Audiobyte | Kii Audio | Merging Technologies | Rockna | T+A
On Demonstration:
Supporting Products
Innuos ZenithSE Music Server |
Quadraspire Hi-Fi Racks | Tellurium Q audiophile cables
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Ultimate Stream: ultimate-stream.co.uk

Ultimate Stream will be showcasing products from their portfolio of Streaming products, DAC’s, active and passive loudspeakers and accessories:

Aequo Audio

The Indulgence Show is where Aequo Audio will be launching their new Stilla loudspeakers here into the UK.

Demonstrations will take place at 12.45pm and 4pm each day.  Aequo Audio at The Indulgence Show



The Amphion Krypton 3 loudspeakers will be making their London Show debut. The Krypton is Amphion’s reference project now close to 15 years in the making. The Krypton 3 is a highly innovative three-way passive reference speaker which makes it possible to enjoy full range realistic orchestral performances without having to own a concert hall! Demonstrations will take place at 12pm & 3.15pm and will be featured during the Introduction to Streaming presentation at 1.30pm

The special forté of Argon1 is it´s reference quality midrange resolution and surprisingly low reaching bass response. Consider the Argon1 if you are looking for a world-class mini-monitor for a small room or intend to build an easy to place surround system. A very high level of transparency means that you can hear deeper into your favourite recordings.

Krypton3 demonstrations will take place each day at 12pm & 4pm.

Here the Argon1 and Argon0 in our PC Audio demonstration area.  Amphion Loudspeakers at Ultimate Stream



We will be demonstrating the Black Dragon DSD digital preamplifier together with the Hydra Z Reference USB audio playback bridge with ZPM power module in our PC Audio demonstration area. Ultimate Stream are the UK exclusive dealer for these products.  Audiobyte at The Indulgence Show



Auralic launches their new Vega G2 Streaming DAC and Aries G2 Streaming Transporter with Ultimate Stream.

Demonstrations will take place at 11.15am and 3.15pm each day and will be featured during the Introduction to Streaming presentation at 1.30pmAuralic at The Indulgence Show



The Special Limited Edition Innuos Zenith SE will be used as our audiophile music server for all of our demonstrations in D1 – St Julien Room. In our PC Audio and Streaming area we will be demonstrating the ZenMini.

Innuos Music Servers at Ultimate Stream


Kii Audio

We are delighted to welcome Thomas Jansen Product Manager at Kii Audio in Germany to answer your questions about the Kii Three loudspeakers and Kii Control. Ultimate Stream have commissioned Quadraspire to design an XRef Kii Three loudspeaker stand which will be debuted at The Indulgence Show. 

Kii Three demonstrations will take place at 10.30am, 11.15am, 2.30pm & 3.15pm and will be featured during the Introduction to Streaming presentation at 1.30pm.  Kii Audio at The Indulgence Show


Merging Technologies

The superlative sounding Merging Technologies NADAC player with Roon Core will be on demonstration.

Demonstrations will take place at 12.45pm and 4.45pm (exc. Sunday) and will be featured during the Introduction to Streaming presentation at 1.30pm.  Merging Technologies at The Indulgence Show



As the exclusive Rockna UK dealer, we will demonstrating the Rockna Wavedream Network Enhanced Transport featuring Roon Core, Storage, and disc playback from CD AUDIO, together with DSD and WAV files from BLURAY and DVD. The Rockna is an ideal product to connect direct to the Kii Three loudspeaker digital inputs to use the onboard Kii Audio DACS.

The other star Rockna product we have is the Wavedream DAC which pushes the limits of performance, design and sound quality.

Demonstrations will take place at 10.30am  & 2.30pm each day.  Rockna at The Indulgence Show



This will be the London show debut of two superb new products from T+A. We will be demonstrating the new MP3100 HV and PA3100 HV from the HV Series range.

The MP3100 & PA 3100 combo will be demonstrated at 12pm and 4pm each day with the PA3100HV being demonstrated at 12.45pm each day and at 4.45pm on Friday and Saturday.

T+A at The Indulgence Show


Tellurium Q

For our demonstrations we will be using products from the Tellurium Q Blue, Black and Silver families. These highly acclaimed cables from the UK, designed to combat phase distortion have received numerous product of the year and most wanted components awards.

Tellurium Q at The Indulgence Show